Hello There and Welcome! is the proud and official website behind the Scam Card (This Is A Scam Card.) NFT Collection listed on your favorite NFT Trading Platform!

Here at we are happy to scam you and others. The following literature is aimed to inform victims and future victims of how our scam essentially works and or has already worked. So please sit back, relax and forgive as we walk through this Documentaion together.

Additionaly, more in depth information on how our scam works can be found in our official This Is A Scam Card Whitepaper and the This Is A Scam Card RoadMap listed at the bottom of this Documentaion.

Please, let's begin!

So What Exactly is a Scam?

As you know, a scam is rather difficult to define and is open for interpretation. An outated and boring defination of the word scam may be defined as a dishonest scheme or in other words fraud. This Is A Scam Card Collection aims to go above and beyond to redefine what a scam truley is in an exciting Web3 fashion!

What is a SCAM CARD?

Each Scam Card is an unique digital representation of the standardized ERC-721 token minted from 10,000 others that look exactly like one another. Furthermore This Collection was deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain and it's associated metadata published to the Decentrialized IPFS Network to imply trust, establish security and promote authenticity. This Is A Scam Card Collection is similar in intent to other infamous crypto and NFT scams and guarentees the following:

What Does a SCAM CARD look like?

A Scam Card looks like the image HERE.

Scam Card

What Does a SCAM CARD NOT look like?

A Scam Card does NOT look like the image HERE.

Not Scam Card

What utility or value does a SCAM CARD provide?

Each Scam Card currently provides no value at all. In fact our collection is mainly fueld by our promise (a declaration or assurance that one will do a particular thing or that a particular thing will happen) to stay true to our This Is A Scam Card RoadMap and guarentee the success of This Project to all of our collectors. Hensforth, this will require a lot of trust on both ends. To ethically solve this problem, we are proud to introduce and sell you on the $TRUST token!

What is a $TRUST token?

The $TRUST token is the Native cryptocurrency of the THIS IS NOT A SCAM CARD ecosystem and is used to ensure trust between all parties associated with the scam. By integrating a Native token and having the full ability of inflating or deflating token price, we then once again can establish trust on both ends through Decentrialization.

How Do I Know If I Have Been Scammed By This Project?

If you meet the following criteria, it may be too late (not enough time) for you.

What Should I Do If I Have Been Scammed By This Project?

Although things may seem bad at time of realization, some find the active practice acceptance and forgiveness to be helpful. Some even recommend giving This Project another chance! Regardless, is important to note that we, have morals and have no ill intent of causing any financial or emotional hardships to the victims of our active scam.

What does the Future look like for This Project?

Not good... but great! Here at we are big believers in bright futures! But lets keep in mind that we dont want to fly to close to the sun. So you will have to keep faith in us when we say we have an exciting and revolutionary future for This Project! Remember, trust is key here.


We try our best to stay up to date on all important documents, here they can be seen listed below.

"No Utilitiy. No Value. No Problem."

Last Update 2023